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Etude 5 4-Note Scales in Combination p.18

Etude 6 4-Note Scales in Combination p.19

Etude 7 4-Note Scales in Combination p.20-21

Exercises Derived From the Diminished Scale 2-note Intervallic Sets p.22-23

Combinations of 2 and 3-note Intervallic Sets from Diminished scale p.24

Diminished 2-note Intervallic Sets Descending p.24

Diminished 2-note Intervallic Sets Grouped in 3's p.25

3-note Intervallic Sets from the Diminished Scale p.26-27

Etude 8 Diminished p.29

Etude 9 Diminished p.30

Etude 10 Diminished p.31-32

Etude 11 Diminished p.33

Etude 12 Combination of Diminished and 4-Note Scale Intervallic Sets p34-35

Exercises Derived from the Symmetrical Augmented Scale p.36

Major 3rds p.36

Minor 3rds p.37

Perfect 4ths p.37

Perfect 5ths p.38

Minor 6ths p.38-39

Major 7ths p.40

C Augmented Scale used over the A melodic minor chords p.40

Discussion of placement of accents and the Augmented Scale p.40

Etude 13 Augmented Scales p.41-42

Etude 14 Augmented Scale Expanding and Contracting Intervals p.43.44

Etude 15 Augmented Scale and its Major and Augmented Triads p.45

Etude 16 Augmented Scale and its Minor Triads p.46-47

Etude 17 2-note Intervallic Sets Minor 6ths from half of scale p.48

Etude 17 2-note Intervallic Sets Minor 6ths from entire scale p.48

Etude 18 2-note Intervallic Sets Minor 2nds and Major 3rds p.49