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Title:                                   Current Placements in TV/Film/CDs

Action Adventure Trailer HBO Looking Looking

for Glory

Action Intrigue Love Remembrance none

Agitation SCIENCE Oddities-

San Fransisco

Anthem Of War And Peace HISTORY American Pickers

Black Elk's Dream excerpt 1 (Space Time Records CD)

Black Elk's Dream excerpt 2 (Space Time Records CD)

Birth Of Unholy Entity Late Night Stephen Colbert   (Hungary) Corazon Valiente 12

Fundamental Murderer OXYGEN Snapped Killer


Grandiose Vista TLC Say Yes to the Dress


Heist Scene TELEMUNDO En Orta Piel


The Hymnotist (Space Time Jazz CDs)

Languid Longing none (Orchestral)

Office like Theme (UK) MADE ( in a Film)

Polar Collapse none (Orchestral)

Requiem for Krypton none (Orchestral)

Rise Of Europa none (Orchestral)

Running For Your Life none (Orchestral)

Shop of Little Mad Dolls none (Orchestral)

Sports Action Theme A HISTORY Pawn Stars

LATE SHOW Stephen Colbert

Sports Action Theme B NATL GEO EXPLOR

In ItTo Win It

Valley Of The Shadow (CANADA) Inner Space,

Marilyn Denis Show

Vanishing And The Search none (Orchestral)

Journey From Happiness To Hard Times none (Orchestral)

Times of Turmoil none (samples, etc)

Journey Out Of Darkness none (Orchestral)

Kalimba Fire Dance FYI Food Porn

Deep Dish Delight

Sports Spectacular Rock Jam none (Brass and samples)

Jungle Drums A Tiger Dream none (samples, orchestral)

Dystopian Synthscape none (electronic, samples)

Miracle CNN Inside Man, John Oliver

Amazon Video On Demand

Dystopian Synthscape B none (electronic, samples)

Coolish 2 Horns Tune1 none (JAZZ)

Coolish 2 Horns Tune 2 none (JAZZ)

Coolish 2 Horns Tune 3  none (JAZZ)

Morning Of The Challenger none (Orchestral)

Day Of The Rodeo none (Orchestral)

Demons In The Basement TV ONE Fatal Attrtaction

Sports Action Rock Jam Theme C MSG MSG Countdown

Melo's Top Moments 6, Razzle Dazzle 2,

Record Breakers

Invasion March TRUE TV Greatest Ever

Sensual Zone VH1 Best Week Ever

Episode 303

Funky Train none (JAZZ FUSION)

Funky Train Sports Theme none (Fusion sports theme)

Sports Action Funk Jam A  none (Funk Sports Theme)

Requiem For The Dark Side Monster  none (Orchestral)

Sports Action Millenial Rock Jam  none (Fusion Sports theme)

Scary Fearful Tension Light  none  (Orchestral)

Scary Fearful Tension Medium  none  (Orchestral)

Scary Fearful Tension Heavy  none  (Orchestral)

Swarm Of The Antispheres  none  (Electronic/ Orchestral)